Where is the real Jerry Angelo? Seriously.

I dislike Jerry Angelo. There have been very few draft picks I have been a fan of since he took over as general manager for the Chicago Bears. I hate the fact that for years he would never trade up to get a targeted player. He always was trading down or out of the first round. 

Also let's not forget the numerous reaches or bad picks he has made. About 2 seasons ago I wrote a 3 part piece on another site pointing out all the awful moves Jerry had made. I really should update them but here they are to remind you. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Remember this was done a while ago.

Well all that is forgotten in 2011. Instead of trading down the Bears attempted to trade up and get the guy they wanted. The target was Gabe Carimi. The team they were going to trade with was the Baltimore Ravens just 3 spots ahead of Chicago. The trade was agreed upon but something happened. Someone with the Bears failed to make the phone call to the league office so the trade didn't happen which caused the Ravens to have the time run out on the clock allowing the Chiefs to jump ahead of them.

Jerry was going to swap first round picks and send a 4th round pick to Baltimore. Thankfully the Bears still got their guy in Carimi and they got to keep their 4th round pick. That will come back into play later.

Jerry Angelo came out right away and took complete blame. Reportedly 2 people thought the other way was making the call. Baltimore was annoyed and did complain to league office. They are looking for the Bears to still compensate them but I highly doubt that will happen.

So enter round two where the Bears would be drafting 62nd overall. But when Jerry saw his guy Stephen Paea who was a possible target if Carimi wasn't on the board in the first was still on the board he decided to jump up and get him. So the Bears swapped their 2nd round pick and that same 4th round pick they were going to give to Baltimore and they gave it to the Washington Redskins to jump up 9 spots to 53rd.

So the Bears have filled two big holes along the offensive and defensive line and have 3 picks left in the draft. Right now I would have to give the Bears a solid B+ and if they keep this up they might be able to improve that. If this is the effect Tim Ruskell has then I'm becoming a huge fan of him. Hopefully these guys pan out otherwise I might be right back to my doubting self real soon.

update: The Commissioner encouraged Bears to compensate the Ravens. Chicago said no and it is over. Too bad Baltimore