Incase you missed it Lebron may have played his final game for the Cleveland Cavs Thursday night.

So the summer of Lebron has offically started.

The first rumor out there reported by Chad Ford of ESPN is saying the Bulls will offer the Cavs the contract of Luol Deng in a sign and trade that will still allow them to go out and sign a max free agent like Wde, Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh or Carlos Boozer.

If true I find that abolsutely amazing and very happy that I am a season ticket holder because the Bulls will be playing for championships for years to come.

So let't say it is true and the Bulls do a sign and trade for Lebron using Deng who would you like the Bulls to go sign in free agency.

Would Wade be a good fit with Lebron and Rose or would a shooter like Joe Johnson be a better fit. What if they decide to go big would a big like Dirk be a good fit to help spread the floor or would a back to the basket guy like Carlos Boozer be best or would a mix of the two like Chris Bosh be the guy.

Let the endless talk begin.

Sidenote: Again why is Jon Greenburg working for ESPNChicago instead of me. He wrote an article about how Lebron should stay in Cleveland and then he just poped on to SportsCenter to give a 15 second opinion about what the Bulls need to do to get Lebron. HE IS AN IDIOT