Rumors are flying out of Cleveland and what they might do to keep Lebron.

Owner Dan Gilbert was just on ESPn holding a press conference.

The whole time he was talking not really saying anything except taking a shot at the mayor of NYC saying he probably has more important things to worry about then Lebron signing with the Knicks I had one thought.

Shouldn't the GM or Head Coach be holding this press conference?

Gilbert is not Mark Cuban. He is not overally well known to the generic basketball fan.

With everyone who talked during the press conference when Vinny Del Negro was fired we never heard from owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

This gives me the impression that the Cavs are going to clean house and allow Lebron to pick everything and run the franchise. If this is Gilbert's plan then Lebron needs to run far far away.

I feel this is why the Cavs have not won. They give into Lebron. It has been all about getting Lebron a championship since they got swept by the Spurs. Instead of building a proper team around Lebron they just keep finding pieces.

Jordan never wanted Bill Cartwright he wanted to keep buddy Charles Oakley. Lebron needs to go somewhere to a team where someone will tell him NO.

Lebron don't fall for the power and go to the place that gives you the best chance to win. Also ignore Avery Johnson who thinks the Nets have a better chance to win a title before the Bulls.

Sidenote: ESPN needs to take guys to campaign for jobs like Avery Johnson and Byron Scott off the air.