Michael Vick is one and maybe only best lefty QB in the NFL. After he went off to jail for Dog Fighting, know one knew if he would play football again. But he came back and won Comeback player of the year. Now for him to not play football for close to 2 years and win that award i think deserves a good contract.


    Vick signed a 6 year 100 Million dollar deal! That's crazy. He is the third highest paid player in the NFL behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. With all the money he is getting and guaranteed money, he needs to prove himself. He also needs to pay of 19 million to creditors in his Bankruptcy.


    Vick won 8 of his 11 starts last year giving him as i said before the 2010-2011 Comeback Player of the Year. He also got career high numbers. Think about it, after not playing the game for a while and come in and put up career numbers like that. That is what you call AMAZING! He put up career high 21 TD passes and rushed for 9 TDs. What i am forgetting is he is only 31 years old. So, he is still young but not playing for a while could affect your playing. Vick became the first player in NFL history to sign more than 1 100 million dollar contract. In 04 he signed a 10 year 130 million dollar contract since he got his team to the NFC Championship game. He only player 32 games under new contract before legal problems his his life.


    The Eagles had a big offseason and are a NFC favorite. Lets see what he can do!