Oliver Purnell isn't doing much to keep the local high school coaches happy.

Purnell who announced his coaching staff today and decided not to retain former interm head coach Tracy Webster.

Many of the local coaches were campaigning for Webster to stay on staff due to the good working relationship they have had with him over the years.

Oliver did keep Billy Garrett and David Booth who are hold overs from the former staff. His additons include 3 guys who have coached with him before at Clemson as well as at Dayton.

Not sure why he would not keep Webster or try to fill out his staff with some bigger name guys. I'm sure there are some former DePaul players who would love to coach their former school.

Again this just continues to show to me that DePaul has made another mistake in their hiring. Maybe all the Chicago schools can combine and then maybe we can have 1 ok college program