Reebok was the prime sponsor of the NFL until thunder struck and…Nike took over.  All teams will have the Nike logo but did the look change a whole lot?


All teams usually kept the same primary colors they had before except 2. I will get to those in a bit.    The Nike logo will be placed on the shoulder of the jersey and pants by the hip flexor. 


The Seattle Seahawks were the team to ask for the Nike makeover.  In return they have a deep blue with bright lime-green highlights on the jersey, pants and in the Seahawks eye on the helmet.  Now that is cool!


Also there was an addition of team gloves.  By putting your hangs together in mid-air, they form the team logo.  Those are boss just by themselves. 


The Denver Broncos also took advantage of this new style.  They changed from an orange to a navy blue jersey. 


Michael Vick said the difference is the feel and it is lighter.   “I don’t know if it will make me faster, but I hope so.”