No no no. i know what you are thinking but Joakim Noah is not joining the group of NBA players which includes Deron Williams and Tony Parker who say they will play overseas if the NBA lockout cause the season to be shortened or missed. Noah is going to represent his country and play fro team France in the European Championship.

Noah was invited to play for team France last summer but passed on the chance. Those were mostly due to lingering injury issues and also his desire to focus on working out a contract extension with the Bulls

The tournament starts August 31 and runs through September 18. Noah is scheduled to leave Chicago this Monday and will then be overseas till the end of the tourney. If by some miracle the NBA lockout were to end and the season starts on time Noah would be arriving back stateside with a week or so before training camp would be scheduled to start.

So Bulls fans are you ok with Noah playing for team France? Noah has missed 52 games over the last two seasons and when the NBA does start up again can the Bulls really afford another getting used to period between Noah & Boozer during the season if Noah were to get hurt again. Let's just hope for the best and maybe an early exit for France in the tournament.