At forward from Central Arkansas, 6'7, Scottie Pippen!!!!! Scottie Pippen is joining Michael Jordan this time in the Hall of Fame. Last year Jordan entered the Hall with former Jazz point guard John Stockton and former Bull and current Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan. Scottie will be entering with Stockton's former teammate Karl Malone. As well as Pip and Malone the 92 Olympic Men's Basketball team known as the "Dream" Team will also be inducted. Pippen, Malone, Stockton and Jordan were all members of that team. Pippen who is probably the best "sidekick" in NBA history played 17 seasons, 12 in Chicago, 1 in Houston and 4 in Portland. He spent his first 11 seasons with da Bulls and then his 17th and final season he returned to Chicago only appearing in 23 games. Pippen along with Jordan helped bring 6 NBA titles to Chicago. He made 7 all-star game appearances winning the game MVP once. He had the all-defensive first team 8 times while making the second team twice. Pip was named to the all-NBA first team 3 times, second and third teams twice. His number 33 was retired by the Bulls on December 9, 2005 joining teammate Michael Jordan (23), as well as Jerry Sloan (4) and Bob Love (10) as the only other players honored by the team. Coach Phil Jackson and General Manager Jerry Krause also have banners honoring them. He was also named to the NBA 50 Greatest Players. Team was named in 1996 to honor the 50th anniversary of the league. Scottie retired with career averages of 16.1 points, 6.4 rebounds, 5.2 assists, 2 steals and .8 blocks. He was Lebron before Lebron even knew what basketball was. During the 93-94 season, his only full season without Jordan, he averaged 22 points 8.7 rebounds 5.6 assists and 2.9 steals. In his first 11 seasons he averaged close to 19 points over 7 rebounds , just under 6 assists and over 2 steals a game. However even with how great he was and all the great memories the one that will always be in the forefront of my mind is the 1.8 seconds. For all Bulls fans out there 1.8 seconds is all I need to say but for those who don't know let me explain. The Bulls trailed the Knicks in the best of 7 series 0-2. With game 3 tied at 102 and 1.8 seconds left coach Phil Jackson drew up a play for rookie Toni Kukoc instead of Pippen. Scottie was so upset he wasn't being given the final shot he refused to re-enter the game. So with Pip on the bench the play was run and Kukoc made a 23- footer at the buzzer to win the game. Chicago ended up losing the series in a very tough 7 game series. No matter what the will always be first in my mind when thinking of Pippen but the video below is a close second.