Last season the Chicago Bears had four tightends on their roster. Greg Olsen, Dez Clark, Kellen Davis and Brandon Manumaleuna who was signed last off-season. Now all that remains is the young Kellen Davis.

Dez Clark is an unrestricted free agent and after a season where he found himself mostly inactive and the 4th man on the depth chart is not expected back.

Brandon Manumaleuna, who I just learned how to spell his name without looking it up, failed his physical and was waived by the team.

Greg Olsen was traded Thursday to the Carolina Panthers for a third round pick. Olsen who was set to become a free agent at the end of the season also received a new contract from Carolina which is something he probably would not have received in Chicago.

Trust me people losing Dez and Greg is not addition by subtraction which is exactly the case with Manu getting waived.. With the trade of Olsen the Bears have taken from Jay Cutler his most valueable receiver and probably his best friend on the team. I'm not saying that Olsen is a Pro-Bowl tightend but he was pretty good during his four years with the Bears. He was good for 50 catches, 500 yards, and 5 touchdowns per season and I am very curious how the Bears will replace that production.

I know Mike Martz isn't a big fan of tightends and would rather have them be blockers then pass catchers but without Olsen there is no big target and can LOvie & Co. afford to send Hester and Knox over the middle?

It appears at least that Davis won't be the only tightend on the roster because Jerry Angelo has signed Matt Spaeth who was the Steelers blocking tightend. Spaeth is 6'7 and 270 punds and unless he is as lazy and out of shape as Manu has to at least be an upgrade however he offers very little in the passing game. He has caught a total of 26 balls for 275 yards and 5 touchdowns, which 3 of them came in his rookie season.

Without all the angry texts, emails, tweets and phone calls I have gotten about the lack of activity up at Halas Hall let's hope Jerry Angelo has a big move up his sleeve otherwise everyone better their pitchfolks nice and sharp because there will be a very angry mob knocking on those doors up in Lake Forest