He's at the 30...the 20...10...5 touchdown Randy Moss.  We will not be hearing that anymore because Randy Moss has retired.  The great reciever brought energy to the teams he played on.  He is a future Hall of Famer.  He was on of the greatest wide out you will ever see. 

     With the 21 pick in the 1998 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings select Randy Moss from the University of Marshall.  

     It all started in Minnesota.  His quarterback was Brad Johnson and his first catch was a 11 yard catch.  He also got his first touchdown in the same game.  His first Monday Nght Football was in week 5 against Green bay.  Moss had 5 receptions for 190 yards and 2 touchdowns.  The vikings finished that season 15-1 and were the pick to win the Super Bowl but the Falcons stunned them in the NFC Championship game 30-27 in Overtime.  That is a hell of a rookie season!  He played on the vikings from 98 to 04.  He made 5 Pro Bowls and multiple playoff apperences but no Super Bowl and more that 1,000 yards receiving  except 04. But then things changed

     March 1,2005 Randy Moss was traded to Oakland for linbacker Napoleon Harris, Troy Williamson, and 7th round picks in the upcoming NFL Draft.  His impact with Oakland was horrible.  His injuries and and what some thought  unwillingness to play.  Oakland was supposed to be a new step in his career but instead it was a downfall.

     In 05 Bill Belichick talked to Randy Moss about joining the Pats.  He boarded a plane to New England to take the phisical and was cleared by Patriots Officals.  So the Pats gave Oakland a 4th round pick for Moss.

     Moss's career in New England was fabulous.  He played for the Pat's from 05 to part of 10.  His first year on the Patriots was the best year on the team.  Randy caught 96 passes for 1,493 yards and 23 touchdowns.  Also, the Patriots made the Super Bowl but lost to the New York Giants.  After 2007 Randy Moss's numbers in New England kept going down.  He made the 2010 Pro Bowl in place of Wes Welker.  He caught his 140th catch of his career in 09 week 9 vs. Miami.

    I did not see this coming but it happened. A couple days after the Pats faced Miami in week 4 on MNF, Moss got traded back to.....Minnesota!  Minnesota got a 2012 7th round pick and Moss while the Pats got for former college star Ryan Mallett.  Then less than 4 weeks after the trade, Randy told Vikings owner that Brad Childress is not fit to be a NFL coach and should be fired. Brad was fired on November 1 but then Moss was waived on November 2.

     Then November 3, Moss was picked up by the Titans.  So he finished the season off with Tennessee.  He caught 6 passes for 80 yards and no touvhdowns.


     Moss had a great and thriving career in the NFL.  He will always be remembered as a player who loved the game of football.