"I need a job" is what Rasheed Wallace shouted out after the Celtics beat the Bulls in Boston last night. Mr. Technical himself yelled this out during Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau's press conference after the game. He also was found taunting former teammate Brian Scalabrine's name through the locker room door. Wallace who surprised many announced his retirement during draft night this past June. The 15 year veteran who has had stops in Boston as well as Washington, Portland, Atlanta, and Detroit averaged 14.6 points and 6.7 rebounds while shooting 33.7 % from beyond the arc during his career. So would Wallace be a good fit here in Chicago? I don't really see it. With a team that already has Carlos Boozer, Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah and of course coach favorite Brian Scalabrine eating up most of the minutes at the center and power forward spot where would Rasheed fit. The 6'11 forward would provide an upgrade to Scalabrine and he would help space the floor but would he really help push this team over the top? He would provide some extra toughness and after watching these past two losses to Boston and Orlando maybe Wallace could help. I'm not sure if Wallace is serious or if the Bulls would even be interested but Chicago should definitely keep an open mind. Wallace could be a nice addition if perhaps a trade went through sending Deng and Taj to Denver for Melo. This could get very interesting.