Ray Emery is one of many the many nominees for the Masterton trophy. 


The trophy is in honor of Bill Masterton, who played for the Minnesota Wild Stars and died on January 15, 1968 during a hockey game. 


Its full name is: Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy.


This award is given to a player who has come back from career- or even life-threatening illness or injury.


The award goes to the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey.


  Emery missed the remainder of the season due to the diagnosis and that a bone graft would be done to alleviate his hip issues.    


To his luck, the doctors caught Ray Emery’s disease early. 


July 1, 2010 he became a free agent and showed up scouts.  He signed with the Ducks in 2011 and after coming off major hip surgery, it is said that he had to beg for the Ducks to play because he wanted to help them down the stretch into the postseason. 


In 2012 camp for the Hawks he beat out Alexander Salak for the back-up job.  Since then when Corey has done badly, here comes Emery!