It's official Ryne Sanberg is leaving the Cubs and returning to where his career started. After the Cubs passed on the hall of fame second baseman for their managing job, Ryno accepted a job to manage the Philies AAA club. Ryno who appeared on ESPN AM 1000 Tuesday in place of his former employeer Tom Ricketts. Ricketts stood up the Waddle & Silvy show after proposing a remodeling of Wrigley Field where they will be looking for public funding. Sandberg had a lot of thoughts on the interview process and if he felt like he got a fair shake. "Well, you know what, obviously there was disappointment at the end," Sandberg said "As I look back and see everybody involved in the interview process, I think the most games anybody saw me manage was 4-5 games, by everybody that I talked to. Based on that, I don't know how I would get hired for a job if nobody saw me doing my job elsewhere. That was kind of a disappointing part of the whole thing. But now that I see it, it's very obvious with the process and the final choice." When Jim Hendry was asked about Ryno leaving the organization, he was sure to point out that Ryno was offered his pick of jobs including returning to his AAA manager job. The only jobs that were off the table was a job on the big league club as part of manager Mike Quade's staff. Later on some of the bitterness came out as Ryno continued to go on. "I didn't mention that. I stayed positive through the whole thing," he said. "I did what I had to do. I had a good season. I progressed through the farm system. I'm not saying I totally paid my dues, I don't want to go there, because I don't know what paying the dues is, how many years that means. Because there are guys who do it a lot more. Deep down I felt I did what I had to do, and had fun at it, and was good at it. I had some confidence right down to the end, but looking back at it, I see things a little differently." When asked about why he left the Cubs and decided to head to the Philies he was quick to praise his new club and take a shot at his old club. "I just enjoyed my interview with the Phillies," he said. "They talked about family. They talked about organization. They talked about team. And they used the word 'we' a lot. They also said I would be working hand in hand with the big club, whatever is needed. There will be phone calls quite often, maybe even every other day from the major-league club. That connection, and that confidence in me in helping them and be a part of it is something I'm excited about." That is why the Philies won a World Series and are the class of the NL. What about returning to AAA Iowa? "I was given four days to kind of think by myself what I was going to do, because there was nothing coming from the Cubs as far as even offering the Triple-A job back, until four days later," Sandberg said. "In those four days, I was going in a different direction and figuring out what I was going to do to continue what I was committed to do." 4 days???? Are you serious? You tell a hall of famer who was a star for your organization and has put in 4 seasons down in the minors where he won a manager of the year award at every level that is isn't getting the manager job of the big league club and then you don't talk to him for 4 days!!!!! Throw this in with how the season went and the owner who has had control of the team for one year asking for money things aren't going so well for the Cubs. I sure hope this bridge hasn't been burned between Ryne and the Cubs because that will be a big strike against the new ownership of a team that has always embraced their past players. The last things the Cubs need is to become what the Blackhawks were before Rocky took over and brought back all the old guys.