The Chicago Bears are 3-3 heading into a game in Londan vs. Tampa Bay.  With struggles with Jay Cutler and Mike Martz, the bears find themselves at an okay record.  The Bears have improved from pretty much passing the whole game with few carries to Forte.  They have now formed a mix of play calls and doing much better with that.  Now, is it possible that the Bears could get T.O. ?


     Terrel Ownes has been in the NFL for a long time.  He has made his marks with some teams, and just said to be a plain old football players for others.  His recent team, the Bengals.  He had only 73 receptions.  Thats lagging from his years in 49ers, Philly, Dallas, and Buffalo.  But being 6' 3 is a big advantage in this league.  Look at Calvin Johnson.  His height is a huge advantage in this league.  Hes a monster with the height in DB's and Safteys


Little Statistics:

1, 078 receptions

15, 934 yards and averging 14.8 yards per catch

153 TD 

     Terrell Owens would be a great addition.  The top bear reciever is Dan S. leading the team in receptions and TD.  I mean really, your undrafted free agent is your top reciever.  Knox and Hester better step up.   Roy Williams and Sam Hurd get the Bears positve yards but they need to step up too and get open because they can be threats.  Terrell Owens would be a great target for Jay Cutler.  He is fast, can catch and threat in the Red Zone.  But one problem, is he conditioned and abiltiy to get back into playing football once again.


     The Bears have not talk to Owens yet but this is a topic I brought up.  Since the trade deadline passed us, Bears should go out and get a free agent.  They need another WR to help there WR core.  GET TO!