I never thought their would be a NBA season.  But their is!  Agreement has been made on preseason to start October 9.  It might happen it might not (dont really keep your hopes up).  The NBA lockout is said to be much worse that the NFL ever was.  A couple days ago players totally disargeed to an offer by the Owners.  Just remember a collective barganing agreement has to be reached befor the preseason is SCHEDULE to start.  I am no here to talk about this though.  Im here to talk Da Chicago Bulls preseason schedule. 


     The Chicago Bulls have 4 home and 3 away preseason games.  The Bulls this season are looking to get back to the playoffs (they will) and win a championship (hopefully)!  Lets take a look at the Chicago Bulls matchups for the 2011-2012 NBA preseason


    Monday Oct. 10 vs. Bobcats Home opener

    Thursday Oct. 13 @ Pacers  location and time TBA

    Friday Oct. 14 vs. Timberwolves

    Wendesday Oct. 19 @ Timberwolves location and time TBA

    Friday Oct. 21 vs. Pacers

    Tuesday Oct. 25 @ Bobcats

     Thursday Oct. 27 vs. Bucks


     So that is it folks.  Lets go Bulls!