Alright let's get started. The draft was not terrible but not great. Here's the breakdowm.

       Kyrie Irving got picked 1st overall by the Caviliers we all know that. So lets just go right into it. Some things surprised me like Jimmer being traded. In the long run most of those guys in College like Jimmer just don't and won't fit in the NBA. I think that Kemba will be a Ty Lawson. You don't here much about him but he will be a good man off the bench. He might even start but we are getting ahead of ourselvs. Now some good picks were Nolan Smith to the Trail Blazers another guy who can come off the bench and hopefully help Brandon Roy. My winner if i only had to pick one would be the Pistons.  They get 2 good players. both guys who will hopefully leave a mark an the franchise and hopeflly a good one. My drafts loser could be a lot of teams but one team that did it was the Celtics.  They waste a decent pick on a shooting guard and then they got another one. You already have Ray Allen ang Jeff Green get it where it will count. You lost Kendrick Perkins. JESUS GET A CENTER OR POWER FORWARD!!!!! These guys i can tell won't play. I can tell they will be like Luke Harangody. They are busts!

Otherwise the draft was decent. The Bulls getting Jimmy Butler from Marquette was good but i don't know if he'll play much.  Now they have rights to a guy from Spain and he is going to be here when Boozer's contract s up and if we don't resign him, that guy comes. Then again we are getting ahead of ourselves. Please watch the show that goes with this