Just like my grandpa always said, "The Pro Bowl, the most useless day in sports!" Many people think that the NFC will win because they have the 49ers, Saints, and Packers players. Why do they think that the AFC won't win? They don't have Tom Brady! I really do not like Tom Brady, but without him (the only Patriot in the Pro Bowl?). This year like all other years no one watches the pro bowl so i don't know why people would take a poll on it.

 Many people like Brian Urlacher skip the ProBowl when they get elected but it still counts.I think that they changed a rule that the Pro Bowl does not count if they play in the SuperBowl. That was put into effect when they moved the bowl in between the conference championship and the Super Bowl all so that they could get more people to watch it.

NO ONE LIKES IT AND THEY WILL NOT WATCH IT!!!!! It should be like college where they det elected to there conference team. " The Pro Bowl the most worthless day in sports!"