Prince Fielder is a big slugger in the MLB.  He became a free agent after this season.  Many teams looked at him.  I thought the Cubs were going to get them but no.


     Prince Fielder signed a 9 year $214 million dollar deal with the Detroit Tigers. That is a lot of money but not as much as Albert Pujols 240 million deal with the Angles plus 4 season tickets for a decade. 


     Detroit Tigers are not a bad team.  They have some depth in the offence and pitching positions. Justin Verlander leads the pitching staff.  Miguel Cabbera leads the fielders.  Some other players are Brandon Inge, Jose Valverde, Delmon Young, and Austin Jackson. 


     Fielder's is no way short of being a skilled 1st baseman.  He has 230 career home runs with 650 RBI's. 


     His future is bright with the Tigers.  He will be with them for 9 years unless trade or release.  Look for the Tigers to be a big threat in the AL.  They won the division last season and adding Fielder adds more to their already great home run average.  Prince will be susessful in Detriot.