The rookie season of promising Cubs outfielder, Tyler Colvin, came to a very scary end on Sunday.

While on third base running home, Colvin was struck by a piece of a broken bat. The bat punctured a hole in his chest and allowed air to enter his chest well which could have lead to a collasped lung. A tube was inserted into his chest and after three days in a Miami hospital he was released.

Watching the video actually down plays how serious the injury really is. While watching the video you would have no idea that the bat actually punctured his skin let alone deep enough to cause any damage.

Colvin finished his rookie year batting .254 with 20 homers, 54 RBIs, 30 walks and 100 strikeouts in 135 games and 358 at bats. He saw time at all 3 outfield spots and going into next season may get a chance to replace Derrick Lee at first base. Let's hope for a speedy recovery and no ill effects from this very scary incident.