NBA: Heat at 76ers APR 12

It's not looking good Bulls fans. Well it just isn't looking good if you think Wade is the answer to all of the Bulls' problems.

I'm not one of those guys but it looks like Wade might be able to recruit more then one player this summer.

Marc Stein of ESPN is reporting the salary cap for the 2010 season is expected to be higher then first reported. The cap was expected to be between 50 and 53 million but now is expected to be around the 56 million mark which will still be down from this year's 57.7 million mark.

This is good news for the Bulls who will have plenty of room to sign a player to a max contract this summer but ti will allow a team like Miami to not only resign Wade but also sign a max player and still be able to sign a second player to a contract greater then the midlevel exception.

So not only does this mean Wade might be off the market but he will probably be taking another big name like Bosh, Amare or Boozer while still allowing the Heat to try and get another big name to take less money.

Combine this with the chance of Lebron going to one of the New York teams and maybe bringing a friend along as well is going to put more pressure on John Paxson to make all the right moves this summer.

The summer might just be shaping up to be the biggest arms race in NBA history and might just shift the balance of power back to the Eastern Conference.

Hopefully the Bulls score big this summer and won't be left an after thought.