Bulls Joakim Noah plays against the Wizards in Wasington

Thank You Noah for this awesome catch phrase for this first round matchup with the Cavs.

I'm sticking to my guns. I predicted before the season started that Lebron & Co. would fall to Da Bulls. They split the season series 2-2. Each won when the other team wasn't at full strength. Let's take a look at the 4 matchups.

November 5 in Cleveland Bulls win 86-85. At that time everyone was healthy for both teams. Former Bull Tyrus Thomas was benched for complaining about playing time and Derrick Rose was still playing himself into shape after missing the preseason with an ankle injury. Lebron held to 25 points.

December 4 also in Cleveland, Cavs win 101-87. Bulls were missing Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas while Cavs were completely healthy. Lebron held to 23 but had 11 assists.

March 19 in Chicago Cavs win 95-87 while Bulls were without Rose, Noah and Deng. Cavs were without Shaq and newly acquired Jamison only scored 2 points. Lebron scored 29 grabbed 11 rebounds and dished out 7 assists in by far his best game against the Bulls all season. Interesting it was while Deng was in street clothes. Sidenote I was at the game and Lebron was cheered like a hometown player.

April 8 at the UC Bulls beat Lebronless Cavs 109-108. Lebron sure didn't look too banged up when he was jumping up and down as Mo Williams was sinking 3's keeping the Cavs in the game. Mo went off for 35 points going 6-11 from beyond the arc while Jamison had a much better showing scoring 23. Rose, Deng and Hinrich all scored 20+ points while Noah still on a time limit got a double-double. Shaq was still out for this game.

Both teams made some moves with the Cavs not really trading anyone and just adding Jamison while the Bulls traded away Salmons and Tyrus Thomas as well as Aaron Gray whose 6 fouls might have been useful this serier are gone.

This Bulls team is young and has nothing to lose. They got a taste of the playoffs last year pushing the Celtics who were without Garnett to 7 games. What everyone forgets is the Bulls were without Deng last season. Also Noah is a completely different player this season. A few seasons ago the Bulls played the defending champion Heat and swept them in the first round while the 8 seed Golden State Warriors beat the #1 seed Mavs in the first round.

It can happen so let's get the pressing running and print off 20,000 shirts for game 3 at the UC with Noah's saying