The Chicago Bulls have suffered another Derrick Rose tradegy with the tearing of his right meniscus on November 22nd.  He will be out yet another season and the Bulls will be waiting to play with their superstar again.  With Rose out others will have to step up especially Luol Deng, who is on the last year of his contract.  But is it time for Deng to go?


Luol Deng has been a huge part of this Bulls team for many years.  His consistency is why he has been such a huge contributor to this team.  His shooting and defensive ability are what makes up his vigorous play.  He can guard anyone from Kobe to Melo to Lebron James.  He is a very good team player and a tremendous 3 point shooter.  But then here is the subject of my article, what will the Bulls do with Luol Deng?

The Bulls have the option to trade Loul Deng.  In the last year of his deal, its a good chance to sell Deng.  Many teams will have interest in this skillful veteran.  And the Bulls will be getting someone in return and possibly a draft pick to upgrade for the future.  Trading Deng would be a good move but then will signing him to a new deal could be a good move for the Bulls as well.  

Then there is an option for the Bulls to keep Luol  Deng.  He has played well with this core for a few years now and has developed chemistry.  He is 28 years old and could become a key franchise player. But a setback to this would be maybe wanting to much money and not giving the Bulls much room to make a huge splash in free agency.  It will be something to keep your eye on to see what will happen with Luol Deng.  

The Bulls will have a big decision to make this year on veteran Luol Deng.  



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