The picture explains it all.  These are the teams that are rumored to be pursuing Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza before the July 31st trade deadline.  The big question is where they will go and that an least for Garza. 

     Ryan Dempster will be migrating to another team before the trade deadline.  Matt Garza is a maybe because the Cubs could sign him to an extension to back up Jeff Samarzjia in the near future. 

     Ryan Dempster has a record of 5-4 with a 2.11 ERA with 77 strikeouts and 27 walks. Also he has only allowed 23 runs! That is a fantastic resume for the season.

     Garza, sadly, is 4-7 with a disappointing 4.32 ERA. But a decent 93 strikeouts.  His start on July 21st could have been a key start to set up possible trades but left the game in the third inning with cramps in the right triceps. 

     All these teams that are looking at Dempster and Garza could use the talent these guys have to offer.  The Nationals could use Dempster because as of right now Stephan Strasberg is limited to 160 innings.  The Dodgers were looking aquire Demp but now more on Garza.  The Yankees would love to add Garza or Dempster to go along with C.C or Hiroki Kuroda. The Tigers are  looking to improve.  Garza could fit in with Yu Darvish and Roy Oswalt in Texas. The Blue Jays are looking for talent.  Dempster also has rumored to possibly go to the  White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Indians, Reds, and of course the Red Sox.

     Dempster will be gone.  Garza is still a maybe on do we trade or keep and have him sign a new contract.  And what about rumors of Brian LaHair and Alfonso Soriano being traded too?