Wrigley Field has hosted hundreds of football games.

The Cubs have been playing there forever.

It has hosted numerous concerts as well as one very special hockey game two years ago.

Maybe my expections were so high with how well that Winter Classic went. Maybe that is why I am so upset with how Northwestern, Illinois, Cubs and whoever else you want to blame has screwed up this game.

Let's be honest, most people couldn't care less about the annual Northwestern-Illinois matchup but people cared about this. There was talk of making this game annually at Wrigley Field. Trust me this will be the last football game ever at Clark and Addison.

The Big Ten made the decision Friday just about 24 hours before kickoff that all offensive plays will head towards the west endzone. So that means that the only way the people sitting in the East endzone will see a touchdown is if the defense returns an interception or fumble or if there is a punt return for a touchdown but even if that occurs they still will run down to the West endzone to kick the extra point.

This has been concern ever since they announced the game but they moved forward. My only question is why?

Why have this game in Wrigley if it can't be played right?

Why did they wait so long to announce that the East endzone won't be used?

I will be going to the game today and will be watching from a rooftop in the East endzone and am very happy I didn't cough up money to get into the stadium.

Many have asked how did the Bears do it for all those years and the answer is very simple. There are more permanent seats then back then therefore the field could not go North & South.

One interesting solution I heard on talk radio by a caller was why not just shorten each yard by 3 inches. My feeling is why not, who would notice if each yard marker was a little closer. By doing that it would have given just a little more space between the field and that dangerous outfield brick wall.

Why couldn't something have been figured out?

Let's not forget the game also lost a little of the star power when Northwestern quaterback Dan Persa was lost for the season last week in a win over Iowa. I'm still shocked ESPN College Gamday came to Chicago instead of going to New York for ND vs Army at new Yankee Stadium.

Should be an interesting day as football says goodbye again to Wrigley Field.